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We have a great and newly renovated multi-function spaces to host all type of events.

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This is how you can book your event right here in our website.


1. Select the type of Space

Select the type of space you want to use for your event. We only have five awesome space (Top Deck, Conference Room, Main Hall, Mini Banquet and the Entire Facility).  We also offer the Tables & Chairs with an array of designs, linen colors and settings, whatever your preferences, we are ready and equipped for your demand. There are a lot of add-ons that are available in the facility. Please make sure you check out the pictures and available equipment. There are optional and mandatory requirements such as security guard, cleaning fees, security deposit, event insurance, liquor license requirement (we are currently waiting on the permanent permit from the city, yay! Cheers!).  If your additional requirements or needs are not listed in the add-ons, give us a call, we’ll throw it in there.

2. Pick a Date and Time Slot

This is the part which is little bit tricky but not that much. After clicking your choice of rental space, if will take you to the booking page. Now there are two types of booking, Hourly and Daily and let me break each of them to you.  Hourly – click the date of your event then the time your event to start. Now, there’s a minimum of 6 hours set, so you will be charged 6 hours even if you only needed less than that. If you need more than 6 hours, you have to click and hold the start time, while holding… drag it down up to the end time. The daily booking is easy, just pick the check-in and check out date you’re done. If your event is already taken, it will show that it’s reserved. Give us a call, we’ll see if we can work something out.

3. Complete the Payment

Alright! this part is wrapping is easy, besides, after the steps 1 and 2, I expect you to be a little techy already.  The payment process begins when you click that ‘Instant Booking” button with the green lighting icon. Don’t forget to specify the number of guest, if you are not sure exactly how many, just guestimate. So, it is mandatory to have an account with us so if you don’t have, no worries, there will be a prompt for you to create your account.  If you already have just log-on. Once logged-on, you might need to click the “Instant Booking” again to bring up the invoice prompt, it will say “Confirm Booking – Nothing to pay”  (…yet) just click it! It will redirect you to your dashboard (yey!), you may click the “Pay Invoice in Full” button to take you to the PayPal or Wire Transfer options.  Choose PayPal, it’ll take you to PayPal website for the payment, you can use your Credit-card to make the payment, it is secured. Wire Transfer, you will be prompt to receive instructions.